Sustainable Wisdom That’s

Worth Sharing. TightLines Designs is a socially responsible architecture firm whose mission is to provide eco-friendly, quality affordable housing design solutions. From single family community development to elderly and supportive multi-family housing, we are committed to creating great places to live.

We are a full service architecture firm offering stock house plans, custom single and multi-family designs and community development and planning services. When you partner with us you’ll notice a commitment to aesthetics, sustainability, and efficiency in our designs. 

Learn more about our mission

A design team that offers custom home services.

Welcoming home plans that encourage true front porch living.

New families enjoy the benefits of a neighborhood designed for livability.

TightLines Designs homes fronting a greenway, all designed for shared public spaces.

Plans that comply with green certifications including LEED and ENERGY STAR.

Apartments in disrepair transformed into a safer, renewed community.

A conceptual design for student apartments.

TightLines homeowners celebrating community at the Cooke Street Carnival.

Award-winning designs that are thoughtful and efficient.


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Small House Plans

Quality You Can Afford.  Our small house plans deliver curb appeal, environmental sensitivity and livability in an efficient and affordable footprint. TightLines Designs have been constructed all over the nation, many of which have been used as historic infill housing and built for new neighborhoods to meet the needs of urban revitalization, affordable housing, downsizing retirees, and young families.

Community Design

A Sustainable Reputation. Our extensive expertise in providing home plans and consulting services for new and revitalized communities has helped develop diverse yet economically balanced communities with consistent architectural style and planning. Our experience and knowledge creates a connection of neighbors through sensitive design and a sense of belonging. 


A Sense of Belonging. The TightLines team offers extensive experience in a wide variety of multi-family projects. From market-rate apartments, condos & townhomes, to historical tax credit projects, to supportive and affordable tax credit projects, we offer full design services for student, family, and senior housing.  In every type of multi-family housing, we have a continuing commitment to high quality design that encourages community, safety and a sense of belonging.

Building Green

Energy Star PartnerComforts & Ethics Cohabitate. TightLines’ offers homeowners energy efficiency, cleaner interior air to breathe, healthier building construction and materials, and less maintenance. Whether it’s choosing less off-gassing and sustainable building materials, insulation options, certification options, or suggesting recycling bins on job sites, TightLines leads the way to building green.