Design Approach

TightLines Designs is a firm committed to meeting the growing need for quality, modestly sized single and multi-family home designs, as well as rehabilitation projects, with an emphasis on community, sustainability, historic sensitivity and accessibility.

Community Oriented

An integral part of our designs is the connectivity of a home’s living space to the street. Spacious front porches and front-facing living rooms turn owners’ eyes toward the street, encouraging conversations with passing neighbors and discouraging crime.  These activities lead to the formation of strong, connected communities.

Environmental Sensitivity

TightLines Designs is committed to designing quality homes that tread lightly on the environment, minimize energy costs, and provide significant health benefits to owner occupants.

We are proud to be part of a business community that has joined ENERGY STAR to provide home designs that are energy-efficient and reduce pollution. In addition to ENERGY STAR, our team is proficient in the requirements for a number of third party green certification programs that further ensure participating homes conserve energy, natural resources and maintain optimal indoor air quality.

TightLines staff consistently researches and disseminates the most current knowledge of environmentally sensitive and sustainable construction techniques through standardized construction details, drawings, specifications and speaking engagements. 

Historic Appeal

We believe the unique character and curb appeal of our homes’ exteriors are an integral part of efforts to enhance homeowner pride and improve the quality of our built environment. The facades of TightLines homes feature deep overhangs, wide trim details, multiple column and bracket options, and spacious front porches.

In addition to new communities, many TightLines homes have been constructed as infill housing in National Historic Districts across the country. We believe the revitalization of neighborhoods is a way to restore energy and hope for future generations, and invoke a sense of pride in the past. We have extensive experience working with historically sensitive architecture and will gladly help you research and obtain the required approvals to build in designated historic districts.


TightLines specializes in senior housing projects.  Additionally, our single story home plans can be modified to meet stringent universal design and accessibility standards for buildings by allowing for handicap accessible entrances, 3’ wide doorways, larger turn-around spaces in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as accessible bathroom fixtures and cabinetry to accommodate the special needs of the disabled and elderly. In addition, our home designs can be constructed using structural concrete slabs on grade in lieu of standard crawlspace foundations to avoid the need for accessibility ramps.