TightLines Designs is a socially responsible architecture firm whose mission is to provide eco-friendly, quality affordable housing design solutions. From single family community development to elderly and supportive multi-family housing, we are committed to creating great places to live.

Since 2005, TightLines Designs has provided home designs and architectural consulting services.  The company is well-respected as a leading national authority on responsible infill design.  Commitment to sustainable and healthy communities is our passion. We provide customers with well-designed and affordable home plans to meet their individual needs. TightLines homes deliver curb appeal, environmental sensitivity and livability in an efficient and affordable footprint. Our services include creating plans that are in-stock and ready-to-build-- from individual houses to complete neighborhoods. Our plans are distinct, unique and always customizable.

Our clients include developers, builders, municipalities, non-profit agencies and homeowners, many of whom rely exclusively and repeatedly on TightLines Designs for home plans and design services. Our home designs have been constructed all over the nation and in Canada. They have been built in historic and new neighborhoods to meet the dynamic needs of urban revitalization and affordable housing initiatives, as well as those of downsizing retirees, young families and people with disabilities.